Over the past decades, I’ve straddled the worlds of law, music, and philanthropy.  As a founding partner in a leading IP firm, Kelly IP, LLP, I’ve protected and enforced some of the world’s most valuable patents and trademarks.  In music, I founded a record label (Grace/Parkinsong), released five cds, managed the career of emerging singer/songwriter Ana Egge, and promoted dozens of concerts.  And in the world of philanthropy, I’ve used concerts and cds to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s Disease research (with the Parkinson Alliance of Princeton) and for MusiCares, the Grammy organization’s effort to provide a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.  For these efforts, Music Connection recognized me as one of  “50 Innovators, Iconoclasts, Groundbreakers, and Guiding Lights of 2008.”

Since I’m a lawyer, I naturally itch to include a disclaimer.  (In fact, my firm, Finnegan, insists on one.  Imagine!)  So here goes:  This blog aims to entertain and inform, in that order.  Want legal advice?  Look elsewhere.  Better yet, call me!  Don’t presume, assume, or even fume that anyone but me agrees with anything I’ve written here.  Certainly not my partners and colleagues at Kelly IP or our clients.  If you want their views or advice, call us!  In other words, enjoy, laugh, think, and share.  “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”  Oscar Wilde

6 responses to “About

  1. Jessica M. Lynch

    Very cool! I’ll be following… 🙂
    ~ Jess

    • Jess:

      Thanks for you nice comment. I hope you’ve been enjoying the posts. Today’s is an essay on the intersection between new and old schools–Mad Men meets Howard Johnson’s. Hope all is well. I appreciate your support.


  2. Gen Morelli

    Rob – I’ve just begun reading your blogposts. I see your links on FB from time to time but haven’t taken the time to read any of your entries until now. My loss! I should have expected they’d all be well-informed, on really interesting current topics and, most of all, classic Rob. (By that I mean so clever and funny). Keep ’em coming my old friend. I’ll be reading … Gen

  3. Glad I found this blog. Gonna follow and could’nt resist LOL on the Disclaimer. 🙂

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