All That Glitters . . . German Court Says No to Golden Easter Bunny TM

“Gone too far, I’m gonna wake, Gone too far.”  Gone Too Far, Eddie Rabbit

In a ruling reported by NPR Friday,, a German court rebuffed an attempt by Swiss chocolate giant Lindt  to corner the market on chocolate Easter Bunnies wrapped in gold foil.  Claiming exclusice trademark rights in this popular Springtime treat, Lindt began targeting smaller confectioners.  Many capitulated. 

But one company, Confiserie Riegelein, would not retreat to its rabbit hole; it battled Lindt all the way to a German court of appeals. Riegelein’s main argument was quite simple–Lindt couldn’t trademark Golden Easter Bunnies because, for over 50 years, the number of companies putting out these seasonal treats had multiplied like, well, rabbits. 

As reported by NPR, Riegelein is pleased with the outcome:  “The sitting gold-wrapped bunny has been a firm part of our offering for at least a half century,” Peter Riegelein said, according to The Guardian. “Now it is finally clear that it can stay as it is.”

Lindt, however, signalled that the fight would go on long after rabbit season ends.  In a statement issued on the tail of the German court’s ruling, Lindt said: “We will continue to defend our Lindt gold bunny in the future whenever necessary,”

But even before its next at bat, Lindt now has at least one strike against its trademark claim. 


 Elmer Fudd: [to Bugs as a game warden] Oh, Mr. Game Warden. I hope you can help me. I’ve been told I could shoot wabbits and goats and pigeons and mongooses and dirty skunks and ducks. Could you tell me what season it weawwy is?
Bugs Bunny:   Why, coitenly, me boy. It’s baseball season!


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2 responses to “All That Glitters . . . German Court Says No to Golden Easter Bunny TM

  1. Love it! Thanks for a good read and a good laugh!

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